Beef fry

Cooking a beef fry is very easy, but buying some good beef meat is very difficult in Indian cities. You never know whether the meat is fresh or genuine. My advice is to buy the meat only from trusted retailers.

Here we go with the ingredients for Beef fry:
Beef (cut into small pieces)- ¼ kg.
Turmeric powder- ¼ tea spoon.
Chilli powder- ¼ tea spoon.
Coconut oil-2 table spoon.
Curry leaves- 5-6 leaves.
Salt- ¼ tea spoon.

Wash beef well.
Mix the turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt. Mix the beef pieces to this mixture and marinate it. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.
Heat the frying pan, heat coconut oil in it and wait till it boils.
Add the curry leaves and beef pieces to the frying pan and stir well. Cover and let it cook well. Stir occasionally to avoid partial cooking.
Once the beef is cooked well (this may take 15-20 minutes), turn off the stove and drain out the oil and have your beef fry!

Adding lengthy thin pieces of coconut meat along with curry leaves will give good taste to the fry.
Buy the beef only from trusted sellers. It will not be tasty nor good for health, if you don't buy good beef.

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fari said...

superb!!! my mouth is watering....
i have been cooking for past 5 years and i see a future in you....
keep coninuing.....